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ePAD Imaging Platform

ePAD is a freely available quantitative imaging informatics platform, developed by the Rubin Lab at Stanford Medicine Radiology at Stanford University. Thanks to its plug-in architecture, ePAD can be used to support a wide range of imaging-based projects.


  • To provide a freely-accessible method of universal access to radiology image metadata compliant with the Annotation and Image Markup (AIM) standard.
  • To provide an implementation of AIM in a rich Web client architecture that runs on Web browsers and provides semantic image annotation on any platform and any image workstation.
  • To catalyze adoption, collection, dissemination, and use of quantitative imaging data and empower radiologists with the benefits of image metadata sharing and interoperability.
  • To provide a flexible architecture that enables you to extend capabilities for your specific needs.


ePAD does not provide de-identification. You should de-identify the DICOM files before pushing/uploading tp ePAD. A free and publicly available software, Clinical Trials Processor (CTP), is provided by NIH. You can find download and usage information about CTP here

Learn about ePAD

An overview of ePAD is provided in a recent paper, "Automated tracking of quantitative assessments of tumor burden in clinical trials"