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ePad lite Release Notes

ePadlite Release Notes

v0.4 10/29/2020 New functionalities:
  • Implemented series and study level annotation saving and showing.
  • Auto-complete functionality added for the template form (Aim editor) to be filled based on the previous annotation.
  • Search functionality added for the template answers.
  • Recist baseline lookup added to find the base line annotation for a recist annotation to fill the template form with the baseline data.
  • Recist, adla, longitudinal, waterfall reports added.
  • Installation script implemented to provide easier installation (experimental).
  • Nginx cashing mechanism and purging added.
  • Nginx compression mechanism added.
  • Tracking unique identifier is added to all aims
  • Switched to couchdb 3 ibm image to leverage Lucene search support

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Switched to interchange larger aims as an attachment to improve performance.
  • Plugin process improved to show the plugin log to the user.
  • Backend performance improved.
  • Made easier to draw multiple shapes on the top of each other.
  • Loading images improved to avoid to user to wait for the next chunk of images on opening aims.
  • Fixed dicoms files to be uploaded without having a file extension.
  • Interpolation improved.
  • Added filtering support to the dropdown boxes in aim editor
  • Fixed series downloading bug
  • Fixed worklist assigning to invited user bug
  • Fixed annotation saving unsuccessful notification bug
  • Modified the search view study list to order by study date by default instead of study description
v0.2 5/12/2020 New functionalities:
    Manage Users Section added.
    Worklists and progress view added.
    Scan Folder added. This provides importing patients by scanning the data folder instead of uploading.
    Interpolation 2D , 3D tools added.
    Multiframe image support.
    Flex View added.

Improvements and bug fixes:

    Improvement : upload patient memory consumption reduced.
    fixed : refresh search view window after uploading a patient.
    fixed : Upload and delete patients issues.
    fixed : line calculations.
    fixed : closing / opening patients.
    fixed : opening aim from the search view.
    fixed : each series number count.
    fixed : expanding, closing patients.
    fixed : multi series operations.
    fixed : drawing tools.
    fixed : multiple segmentation saving.
    fixed : notifications.
v0.1 2/4/2020 First Release
vBeta 7/27/2019 Test Release for ePad written in JavaScript